Warith Scientific Journal is an international open-access journal devoted at publishing peer-reviewed original high-quality researches and review papers. The scope of WSJ covers a wide range of topics in business adminstration, edonomics and accounting. Papers in which knowlege from other discplines, integrated with above aspects, are welcome. All published researches articles in this journal have undergone rigorous double-blind peer review by expert international referees, after initial editor screening. 


Ethical Guidelines COPY

Plagiarism: The journal requires authors to submit original work that has not been published elsewhere.

Authorship and Contribution: All individuals who have made significant contributions to the research must be listed as authors.

Fabrication and falsification of data: Fabrication or falsification of research data is a serious ethical breach.

Conflict of interest: Authors are required to disclose any financial, personal, or professional relationships that could influence or interpret their research.

Citation and Attribution: Authors must accurately cite and cite the work of others, including prior research and relevant sources.

Editorial Independence and Peer Review: Journals must maintain editorial independence, ensuring that decisions about publication are based solely on research quality and merit. Peer review processes are fair, transparent and unbiased.