The important variables affecting on survival time of Covid Patient


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 The effect of factors on the survival times of corona patients was studied by studying the effect of the explanatory variables represented by the factors that affect the disease and between the dependent variable, which is the survival times of corona patients, and the most important of these factors were reduced and identified. The problem of the study was how to choose the most important factors affecting the survival times Corona patients are in the lowest variance by applying the factor analysis method. Where the required data for inpatient patients were obtained, and we obtained the results of the required examinations for only (126) patients, representing a random sample of the total patients during the months of 3, 4 and 5 of 2020 Data were collected about (11) factors influencing the dependent variable, patients’ survival times. The most important factors that appeared is the first basic vehicle using the ready-made program (SPSS Statistics 18) on a group of risk factors. The application of the factor analysis method was repeated 9 times each time The exclusion of one of the risk factors with few saturations according to the correlation relations between the studied factors, and saturations of the main composite factors were obtained, which are the variable of age, blood pressure and diabetes


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