The effect of the ability to think in creative performance


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This study aims to demonstrate the impact of intellectual abilities and their reflection on creative performance, represented in its dimensions (fluency, adaptation, originality, creativity) of a sample of medical and nursing staff (private hospitals in the holy province of Karbala), as the sample size surveyed reached (278) observations and the total community. The research reached (985), and the researcher sought to achieve a set of goals, including the definition of intellectual capabilities and creative performance as important and effective variables in strategic work, and building a framework of knowledge related to these variables and linking them in the field within the framework of descriptive and analytical research, and then enhancing the future vision of the study variables. And directing it in a way that supports the mission of the organization in question, and the questionnaire was the main tool for data collection, and a number of statistical methods were used, such as confirmatory structural validity analysis and the correlation coefficient (Pearson) to measure the type and degree of relationship between research variables and structural stability analysis of measurement performance (Cronbach'sAlpha). ) and the simple and multiple effect test (structural equation modeling, SEM), to determine the differences in the sample answers about the study variables. A set of results, the most important of which is the existence of a direct correlation relationship and a positive impact of intellectual abilities on creative performance, and also the research came out with some recommendations that the researcher deems appropriate, such as, directing medical and nursing staff to the importance of intellectual abilities and linking them to innovation-based performance by the senior management of hospitals because it is one of the important topics in hospitals It has to be concerned with improving the intellectual level owned by the medical and nursing staff, and this is achieved by paying attention to the level of expertise and training, developing and developing self-capabilities, and evaluating their skills by encouraging and urging them to share information because they are part of the health institution.


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