The causal relationship between financial inclusion and financial resilience


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This study aims to measure the causal relationship between financial inclusion and financial resilience, as the issue of financial inclusion is one of the important topics that have received great attention from the whole world, especially the banking sector, as a result of the great development in the field of technology, so it is necessary to keep pace with this development, and thus provide The best services for the individual at the level of all his needs, so this study sought to shed light on some of the basic cognitive aspects related to the variables of the study, represented by (financial inclusion, financial flexibility), as the problem of the study was represented through a set of questions through which the study hypotheses were formulated to clarify the relationship of the cubiba between financial inclusion as an independent variable and flexibility as a dependent variable, and the study relied on the applied side on the published financial reports and statements, which were chosen depending on the availability of data during the study period for a time series that extended for (10 years) (2010-2020), the results were shown based on the inclusion strategy The financial sector has contributed to limiting the spread of unofficial channels by educating members of society in order to prevent them from resorting to unofficial channels and means, which are It is not subject to control and supervision by the Central Bank, in addition to the fact that its prices are relatively high, which leads to the misuse of the needs of these people in terms of financial and banking services. And the provision of an advanced communication and Internet network, especially in remote and remote areas..


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